Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are not really wild animals. They are urban animals. Raccoons are FAR more common in cities and suburbs than they are in undeveloped natural areas. Just like rats. Thus, raccoon-human encounters are very common. Raccoons are smart, curious, and agile, so in short, they can cause a lot of problems for people.

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Raccoon Problems in the House: This is the most common type of raccoon conflict. These animals very commonly break into buildings, and human homes. They sometimes go in for pet food or garbage, but most of the time, it's shelter. The most common problem is a raccoon problem in the attic. That's the main topic that I address in this website, and I've included a ton of information about the matter. You can also read specifics about raccoons in the house, which can include any part of a building, such as animals entering through pet doors. I also have information about raccoons in the ceiling, which can either mean in the attic or between floors of a building, or raccoons on the roof of the house, but not inside the building itself, or a problem with raccoons in the wall, which is one of the common areas they will live and nest in a building. Raccoons don't always get in the attic, sometimes they get into the basement or crawl space if there is easy access at ground level. The final common area is raccoons in the chimney, which is a fairly common problem, particularly in more northern states.

Raccoon Problems in the Yard: If they're digging holes or tearing up sod, your only hope is trapping and removal, or a prison-grade fence. There is no such thing as a raccoon repellent that works. If you have some attractant, like bird feeders and bird seed or a pond with fish or a deck or shed they can live under, then the key is to eliminate the things that attract the raccoon, or block access. For example, you can install an exclusion barrier around the perimeter of the deck or shed, so the animal can't get under there.

Raccoon Problems in the Garden: This is a tough one, because raccoons are so intelligent, strong, and crafty. Only a real, heavy duty fence will do the trick. You can also try a motion sensitive water sprayer, though that never works with raccoons, or trapping and relocation to keep raccoons away for good.

Raccoon Problems in the Garbage Cans: You can try to make your garbage cans raccoon proof by strapping the lids down with bungee cords, or keeping them in the garage until garbage night. Or you can get locks, heavy covers, etc which will prevent raccoons from getting into the garbage for food.

Raccoon Problems in a Pond: A little decorative pond with fish is irresistible to a raccoon! Install some large gauge steel mesh and put it over or in the pond, for the fish to hide in and under. Or you can try trapping and removal.

Raccoon Problems in the Swimming Pool: These critters like to swim, bathe, and poop in pools. You can try trapping and removal. Or you can get planks of wood and pound a bunch of nails into the bottom of the wood so they stick through the other side, and place those boards upside down on the pool steps, so that there's a bunch of spikes sticking up, and the raccoons might not want to walk on those steps.

These are just some of my raccoon prevention tips to keep away raccoons. You can email me if you have more questions. Or you can hire a pro in your area, from my list of raccoon experts.


Actual Situation: hello dav and i realy want ur help asap...i saw today 2 racoons on top of my roof and they r trying to enter the attic ...my wife heard some noise in the past days and i realy think that racoon is living up my attic...i read about u and i know u r the man for the job...please give a call asap... i dont know how bad but im concern about this racoon problem..i need it to be solved asap... if u have an advice please send it to me til u get here... im worried that racoon fall from attic in to my home... have my baby and family ...so i dont know whats next but i know u will solve the racoon problem..... i just heard some screeming and i think its a baby racoon...so i think they made ahome out of my attic....dave get here please asap. thanks, fathi

My response: Fathi - Where in the country do you live? I'd be happy to help if you live near me in Orlando, but if not, I can direct you to a good expert anywhere in the country. I know hundreds of wildlife experts. If you hear vocal screaming in the attic, plus saw them, you most certainly do have a raccoon problem, and you ought to have a pro help you.


Actual Situation: David: Where are you located? Do you service the Maryland area? I have a problem with raccoon feces in my attic. I realize this is a specialized service, but does it have to cost so much? I called to get estimates from the few companies that provide raccoon feces removal in my area, and I was shocked. I am considering doing the removal myself if I cannot get a company to give me a much lower price. I am trying to do this for one of my clients. She just purchased the house, so I don't think her insurance is going to want to pay for a pre-existing condition. I appreciate any insight you can offer on this matter. Tony

My response: I am in Orlando. Yes, you can do it yourself, just be sure that you wear proper protection, including gloves, hepa mask, and biosuit, and dispose of the droppings properly.

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