Photos of Damage from Raccoons in Attic

An example of how strong raccoons are, and how much damage they can do. They often just rip right through the roof, shingles, wood and all! I was lucky to get this photo while the female raccoon was checking to see what the threat was.

Please do not touch raccoon poo. It can contain raccoon roundworm, which can infect people, and cause blindness and other terrible symptoms. Call at this phone number and you will get free advice about how to handle and clean raccoon droppings. If you want to see photographs, click here for raccoon droppings and feces identification.

I've not only seen raccoons tear apart air ducts, but they sometimes crawl into the ducts and live inside them. One raccoon even climbed in the ducts and into the central air handler, where it got electrocuted and rotted, causing the worst odor ever.

This wire was shredded by the raccoon's claws. But raccoons also chew on a variety of substances, including wood and wires. Click here for more photos of raccoons chewing on electrical wires.

Click to learn more about raccoon diseases, such as raccoon roundworm or raccoon rabies.

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