Sacramento Raccoon Removal

Call us any time for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Sacramento area. I have spoken with the field technician in Sacramento and he fully understands California raccoons and their behavior, and the proper methods for humane removal. For me to recommend him, he has agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all Sacramento County and California wildlife laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby raccoons in the attic, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup.

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Here is some additional information about our Sacramento wildlife removal and raccoon control services. We operate in and around Sacramento, including El Dorado County, Placer County, Nevada County, Yolo County, and Amador County.

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Sacramento California Raccoon Control Situation: Hi David, How I wish you were located in Sacramento!! We continue to have raccoons and possums entering our house (almost on a weekly basis). Both are going under the house to the crawlspace. The raccoons have been going into the attic. We've had the county police here in our living room where you could see one adult and two midsize raccoons. "We can't do anything about it. They're not humans." Animal wildlife control......"We can't do anything about it. We don't cover your county." ...County wildlife control..."We can't do anything it about it. You live within the county, but we only cover the city residents." Wildlife removal business...... "We can't help you. You live 2 hours away. We don't travel that far." Dave, I'm at my wits end. And honestly, I'm getting scared. Two nights ago, a raccoon was in our sunroom. I've *never* seen such a large raccoon. I'm guessing it weighed 20 -25 lbs. I know you reside in FL. But please... do you have *any* suggestions/advice on how to help me stop these animals. We had raccoons in our attic last winter. They left for the summer so we put heavy thick mesh wire to block any holes they made in our soffit and facia. Will hey still try to get in and start ripping at the roof? The other morning we woke up to a raccoon on our roof right beside my daughter's window. Last night I kept hearing noises like picking at something. I am so worried that they will still try to get in for the winter. Please give us some advise so we can prevent them from getting in again. Thank you!! Barb

I recently found animal poop- three different times- about 3 feet from either side of our deck. It was the size of a small to med. size dog, very dark brown and covered with what looked like sesame seeds. From reading your website it seems that it may be raccoon poop. Do you agree? I scooped it up and threw it in the garbage- before reading your site. Was this ok? I appreciate your possible reply. Thank you. Rosemary

If you wish to learn more, click on the How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic home page. For wildlife control, animal trapping services, and raccoon control in Sacramento County, California, call us at 916-603-5794, and ask to talk about raccoons in the attic in Sacramento, CA.