Do Raccoon Open Doors and Windows

Can raccoons really open doors and windows? They have been known to enter into houses through surprisingly small spaces – in the seams along the roof, baseboards, attic vents, and chimneys. But even though raccoons are very deft in handling loose or broken garbage can lids and all, the opening of doors and windows is surely out of their scope.

There are several ways through which a raccoon can enter your house and one of those is via open doors and windows. Although they have deft paws and can handle things fairly well, they cannot by themselves open a door or window.

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Raccoons are naturally at home where humans live and will try as much as they can to gain entrance where food is available. They are exceptionally good at climbing and their front limbs provide them with a great manual dexterity to do so.

The best ways to keep raccoons away from your house are usually centered on removing food sources and blocking all potential entry points in your structure.

1. Ensure that garbage cans are sealed tight. A common sign of raccoon visits is an overturned garbage can and scattered trash. Raccoons are very deft in handling loose or broken lids. If your garbage must be left outside, then use lids that lock into place with handles or clamps

2. Do not leave pet food or leftovers outside at night. Feed your pets during the day and don’t leave their food bowls out for the raccoons to find. And clean up spilled bird seed around your bird feeder.

3. Block any potential access point in your house or structure. You may hire a professional to carry out a thorough inspection of your house and proof it against wildlife entry.

4. Remove any tree with overhanging branches near your roof to prevent easy roof access. Trim and reduce any excess vegetation around your house or deck to reduce the amount of cover and hiding places.

5. Ensure that your chimney is properly capped at all times

6. Ensure that your doors and windows are always locked or well-guarded with iron barriers.

Whatever you do, avoid confrontations with any raccoon discovered on your property as a cornered raccoon may defend itself by attacking humans or pets. To learn more about Do Raccoon Open Doors and Windows visit the Raccoons in the Attic home page.

Raccoons vary in size. A full grown raccoon typically measures about 20 – 30 inches long. Those who live in the forest weigh about 15 – 30 pounds each while urban dwellers that feed on human leftovers and waste weigh up to 60 pounds. But they can fit into very small spaces, including doors and windows.