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RaccoonAtticGuide recommends Mike at ACS Wildlife for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Alexandria & Arlington Virginia area. They have agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all state and local laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby wildlife in attics, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup. Alexandria & Arlington Virginia has a variety of wildlife issues, not just from raccoons, but also animals such as opossums, squirrels, snakes, rodents, bats, birds, and more. All of these animals can be removed humanely and permanently. ACS Wildlife understands that it's not enough to just come to a home and set a trap on the ground and remove the wildlife. In the case of animals in attics, the attic must be inspected, and young wildlife must be removed. All open points of entry must be sealed to prevent future wildlife problems. Additionally, not only the wildlife should be treated with respect, but the human customers as well. Give ACS Wildlife a call at 703-881-3164 to discuss your wildlife problem and to discuss pricing and to schedule an appointment.

ACS Wildlife: 703-881-3164

ACS Wildlife services the greater Alexandria & Arlington Virginia and Washington DC area, including all of Arlington VA County and Alexandria County.
Recent Alexandria & Arlington Virginia Raccoon Emails I've Received from Customers I've Helped:

Hello, I just found your website and I wish I had known more before. We are actually very much traumatized by what just happened. When we heard noise in our attic we identified it as raccoons and called the [NAME DELETED] Wildlife company in DC. On the webpage it all sounded pretty good advertising humane methods and possible relocation. They came and set up a lethal body trap saying that in this state all raccoons have to be euthanized including babies because 2% carry rabies. After 3 days the mother left the house through the hole and got trapped. The trap did not strike as it was supposed to and came down on the rear end. It was hard to see from the ground but we thought there was the possibility of the raccoon to free itself, it moved a lot and moaned and we waited, then all of a sudden we could not see or hear it anymore and assumed it must have either disappeared or died. It was midnight and we did not call the company again also we did not want to wake the wildlife guy up, but maybe we should have since in the morning the raccoon was once again on the roof and we saw it move, so it must have suffered for hours. I called the company again and he ended the misery of the poor raccoon. He said these traps don`t work in 1% of the cases. I am appalled that companies use such gruesome traps if there is the possibility of such failure and the resulting agony of the raccoons, not to mention the poor babies who are left orphaned and now face certain death once the guy comes back to remove them tomorrow. Is there a possibility to save the babies somehow or is it against the law in VA? I am pretty sure there must be some babies since we heard scratching noises today but no sounds yet. Please advise me and soon before tomorrow. Thank you so much, sincerely, Martina
Hi. I read the info on your website. We have a company that's been trying to take care of the problem for 2 weeks, but no luck yet. Here in Virginia they humanely capture the mother & send the babies to a rehabber, but euthanize the mother. By law they cannot relocate wild animals. I am a very big animal lover and I have been trying to save her life. They have finally agreed to release her and the babies on our property when they capture them. We also will be having our whole roof redone (it's long overdue) next week, weather permitting. What I'm concerned about is that they keep telling me that even with a good strong new roof, she'll probably (or may) try to get back in and make a hole in the new roof. I don't know what to do. I'm trying so hard to avoid having her put to sleep and orphaning her babies, but I don't want any further damage to our roof. I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thank you very much. Arlene  - It's hard to say if she'll try to rip her way back in, but there's a good chance. Can't the wildlife control company relocate her along with the young at a far away site? They may be complying with some VA law. What is the name of the company? - Jacob Thank you for your reply. The problem has been resolved. I forgot to mention in my previous post that the company who has been trying to capture her put some cloths saturated with the scent of a male raccoon in the attic a few days ago, which a female with babies would not like. It worked. When he came on Friday afternoon, he did a thorough check - there is evidence that she took her babies and left. Thank you very much for your time. Arlene P.S. VA law states that they cannot relocate raccoons to another site. However, they could release them on the property where they were found. Problem was they had no success in capturing her - she never entered the trap