A raccoon ripped a hole right in this roof

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In the above photos, you can see that that a raccoon has torn a hole right through the shingles and into the roof! I've seen this plenty of times. After confirming that the raccoon was inside, I set this special trapping system that forced the raccoon into the trap upon exiting the roof hole.

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What to do if raccoon damage the roof of the house - The top part of your home is often the place where a raccoon enters. These animals have an instinctive desire to be elevated, away from predators on the ground. This is why your roof and attic are often the prime targets for home invasion. If a raccoon has caused significant damage to the roof, you need to hire a professional to make sure the animal is trapped and removed. Most states prohibit homeowners from trapping raccoons without a license. It’s not okay to just assume the adult raccoon is out of the building and seal up the hole. Most raccoons in homes are females with a nursing litter. If you block the female without removing the babies, the mother will return and try to tear a new opening to get to them. Ideally, the babies would be removed and the mother trapped. All the raccoons should be relocated at least five miles away. Once you are certain no raccoons of any ages are in the building, you can start your repair process. Make sure you repair the opening and any other weak spots along the roof. If you’ve had one raccoon, there’s a chance you’ll have another one in the future.

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This is a series of photos of trap sets in the field. These examples are meant to show how professional trap setting looks. The reality is that every case of raccoon trapping is different: number of raccoons, location, type of architecture of the roof or attic they are in, etc. I've done over 1000 raccoon trapping jobs, and every set has been different. There are so many little variables that mean the difference between success and big problems! Trapping is not for amateurs.