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Call us any time for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Norfolk area. I have spoken with the field technician in Norfolk and he fully understands Virginia raccoons and their behavior, and the proper methods for humane removal. For me to recommend him, he has agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all Norfolk County and Virginia wildlife laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby raccoons in the attic, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup.

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Here is some additional information about our Norfolk wildlife removal and raccoon control services. We service southeast Virginia, including the Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Hamton areas.

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Norfolk Virginia Raccoon Control Situation: Hi David, I am pretty sure I have a raccoon in my attic. It might be a possum but I got a pretty good look at the face last night and think it's a smaller raccoon. I hope only one....... I am also sure that I unfortunately can not afford your services and will have to try to eliminate this from my home myself. I'm not sure if you are offering support to locals in my situation, but if you are I am in search of all the help I can get.....First I would like to know if there are any rescue services that remove raccoons free of charge that you know of, and if not I would like to know where I could get some kind of a trap, least expensive that will do the trick. (I am close to Norfolk VA area). Any other tips or tricks would be appreciated. If you don't give out help tips that's fine too. I think you offer a GREAT service and I would still recommend you should I hear of someone in need that can afford your service. I have no idea how long this pest has been up there. I usually put rat poison in the attic 2 times a year but did not get to it this last Christmas due to illness. I am pretty sure I don't want to do that....I don't know if they are protected animals but am sure that I don't want a dead raccoon to be in my attic for obvious reasons. Thanks, Cheryl

I have a few questions about my ongoing raccoon problem. I rent a home in Norfolk VA and have had problems with raccoons in my attic for almost a year now. My landlord has sent his maintenance man over several times to "take care" of this problem. I still have raccoons constantly in my home. Just today in fact he came and boarded up some areas he suspected the raccoons were getting through. Now, as I sit here, I hear constant scurrying and scratching. Either the correct repairs were not done, or he's trapped the raccoon(s) in my home. We've already caught and removed two raccoons, but there have been very few nights when I don't hear the noises. These animals have ripped down almost all of my insulation, chewed and left wires exposed, and there is feces all over the attic. Is this a health issue? I read on your website that you clean the areas along with replace insulation in the areas the animals were. Is this something my landlord should be doing as not to cause contamination? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to learn more, click on the How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic home page. For wildlife control, animal trapping services, and raccoon control in Norfolk County, Virginia, call us at 757-550-4886, and ask to talk about raccoons in the attic in Norfolk, VA.