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Call us any time for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Indianapolis area. I have spoken with the field technician in Indianapolis and he fully understands Indiana raccoons and their behavior, and the proper methods for humane removal. For me to recommend him, he has agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all Marion County and Indiana wildlife laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby raccoons in the attic, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup.

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Indianapolis Indiana Raccoon Control Situation: David, I don't live in the Orlando area, but Indianapolis, so if you don't have time to read this, I understand. But since you're very knowledgeable about raccoon "invasions", I'm asking for your advice. I'd like to know what we did wrong to have 2 baby raccoons killed this weekend. We have raccoons in our attic, and we knew this because we could hear them. It's a very old house and raccoons have been living up there for years (we just remodeled the kitchen and I've never seen so much raccoon feces in a ceiling). I thought we could just wait it out until the babies were old enough to leave the den. I have no idea how many babies were up there. And I'm not quite sure where they're getting in... we do have some holes in our foundation under the old part of our home. Anyway - somehow 2 babies got into the living area of our home and my dog, Zeus (a boxer) attacked one of them. He broke the baby's leg, so I had a neighbor kill the baby with a .22. But when I went to clean where the baby had urinated, I found the 2nd baby. I had my neighbor come over and he got the baby into a bucket, unharmed, and took it out to our treeline (about 50 feet from the house). I figured that the mommy would sniff out the unharmed little one. The next day I saw evidence (feces) that another raccoon had gotten into the living space, so I plugged the hole from the attic to the living space. Another day went by and unfortunately, Zeus found the unharmed baby in the same place it had been for 2 days and killed it. I felt horrible, but wondered why the mommy never came back to get him. Do you think the mommy could have been killed and that's why the babies were wondering around? But who's feces were in the house the next day? More babies? How many babies do raccoons normally have? Should I be checking for more poor babies? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! Chrissy

Mother raccoons typically have 3-5 young in a litter, and they're usually stashed together in a spot in the attic. Sometimes the young do wander about if the mom has been killed, but this is unlikely. If you move a baby, the mom will usually get it, so there's a chance the mom did die. However, the droppings you see are likely the mom, not a new raccoon. No sure answers when it comes to wildlife. Hire a local pro if you really need good assistance.

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