How Long Does It Take to Remove Raccoons in a Building?

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Raccoon removal duration may vary depending on specific circumstances such as number of raccoons, if the raccoons are adults or juveniles (or both), method of removal et cetera. The raccoons may be in your attic, in your chimney, on your roof, in your basement, under crawlspaces, in the ceiling, and even in your wall. Their location is also a factor that determines how long it will take for trapping or extraction.

This is the most common scenario. I’m usually called to deal with a female raccoon that has a litter of four, and has made a nest in the attic of a building. I go to the location, and leave shortly with the mother and her litter to release them somewhere safe. Once I’m in the attic, I look for the baby raccoons. Years of experience have taught me where to look, and I usually find them pretty quickly. I pick them by hand, carefully putting two of them down in a pillow case, and placing the other two in a divider live cage trap. The cubs will start crying, and their mother will soon come to their rescue. Once the mother raccoon is secured in the cage, I lift the divider allowing her to reunite with her cubs. At this point, job done, I can leave.

So, it can take twenty minutes or two hours, but it’s usually done quickly when I’m using the baby raccoons as bait. Keep in mind, I’ve been doing this for what some may call a lifetime, so it’s practically second nature for me to handle raccoon removal swiftly. Those who aren’t familiar with this activity, and are clumsy around the equipment, may not find the process to be so quick. Home inspection, attic repairs and cleanup can, of course, add hours to the process.

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