How to Keep Raccoons Out of My Bird Feeder

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If you have a bird feeder, you probably like birds and enjoy watching them. That’s why not having a bird feeder is not the answer you’re looking for. As a general rule, ensuring there are no other odors or food sources around that might attract the raccoon is always helpful. But in all honesty, even just a single bird feeder is all the incentive they need. So, how can you make raccoons keep their hands off your bird feeder?

You can try equipping the feeder pole with a steel raccoon baffle. This method might need some insight as the baffle will be completely ineffective or absolutely effective, depending on the type of feeder you have and where you position it. Using common sense and understanding raccoon behavior is always a plus – know your enemy and so on. A baffle will restrict raccoon access from up top, but if it has any other way to reach the feeder, it will be able to overcome this obstacle. And yes, you need a raccoon baffle, the squirrel baffles are too small to be an impediment for raccoons.

Don’t let the bird feeder out at night. This can be hassle, and there’s always the chance you forget to do it one evening. And if the raccoon gets to it that night, that’s pretty much it, the bandit has targeted your place. But at the same time, if there’s no bird feeder for them to feast on, that’s pretty much as safe as you can get.

To restrict their access as much as possible, don’t hang the bird feeders up in tree branches. Raccoons are fearless climbers, and will have no problem whatsoever contorting their body to get a handful of the tasty bird food.

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