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Call us any time for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Charlottesville area. I have spoken with the field technician in Charlottesville and he fully understands Virginia raccoons and their behavior, and the proper methods for humane removal. For me to recommend him, he has agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all Albemarle County and Virginia wildlife laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby raccoons in the attic, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup.

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Here is some additional information about our Charlottesville wildlife removal and raccoon control services. We are a full-service wildlife control company serving the Charlottesville, VA area. We operate in Albemarle County, Nelson County, and Buckingham County, including the towns of Waynesboro, North Garden, Covesville, Lovingston, Arrington, Norwood, Gladstone, Lowesville, and more.

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Charlottesville Virginia Raccoon Control Situation: Hi there- I believe I may have come in contact with some raccoon feces. Before I knew what it was, I did check it for an odor, thinking it was mud or dog feces that my own dog had tracked into the house. It appears fresh & contained what looked like apple seeds. I searched Google about this, as I know apple seeds are toxic to dogs, and I came upon the fact that it may be from a raccoon. The more I read about that, the more nervous I became, having had such close contact. I am writing to you in hopes that you can tell me if fresh fecal matter from a raccoon is dangerous or not and if I have reason to worry? I read elsewhere that it was not hazardous if fresh, and that it would take 2-3 weeks before it became infectious. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My response: Did you eat the feces? That's the only way you could have a problem. Even then, it's very rare to experience health problems from raccoon feces. I myself have touched it maybe a hundred times! But I've never eaten any to my knowledge.

Hello David, I was reading through your website and am at a point where I don't know if there's a solution to my problem. I moved into my current home in March. I've seen raccoons in the area and I know they pass through my backyard. But, over the last two weeks they have marked a certain part of my backyard as a place to leave their droppings...and it is a lot. I've left the yard light on overnight (which I normally don't do), I've gotten rags and poured ammonia all over it, I've gotten a "repellant" which like you said doesn't work...And they keep coming back to the same spot in the yard to leave their feces. There is no food source in my backyard and I can't figure out why it's only been over the last two weeks that they've left their droppings. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rod

My response: Trapping and removal might be the only solution in this case. Or an electric fence around the area.

If you wish to learn more, click on the How to Get Rid of Raccoons in the Attic home page. For raccoon control in Albemarle County, Virginia, call us at 434-333-7605, and ask to talk about raccoons in the attic in Charlottesville, VA.