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Amarillo Texas Raccoon Control Situation: What Should I Do with a Raccoon after I catch It?

Raccoons are considered wild animals and they can do a lot of damage inside your house. You should try to catch them whenever you see them inside your house. They fall easily into baits. They are not too difficult to catch compared to rats and other pests.

If you are wondering what you should do after you caught a raccoon, here are several suggestions:

Release the raccoon through the backdoor of a trap. Make sure that you release it more than 5 miles away from your home. Before relocating a raccoon, check first with your local state if they allow it. The reason why raccoons are sometimes not allowed to be relocated is they can contain rabies. However, if you see a raccoon during the daytime, they are least likely to contain any diseases.

If you are releasing a raccoon, get a dog or belt leash when pulling the back door of the trap. You should not try to release them with your bare hands. A threatened raccoon can scratch or bite you. Step away when you are freeing them. A raccoon which just came from a cage will run away like a scared cat.

Know Your State Laws

Some states will penalize you if you relocate a raccoon. State rules vary. These rules can give you directions on what you should do after you caught a raccoon. It is important to call on any wildlife assistant in your state first before making any move of freeing a raccoon or getting rid of them. There are also state guidelines on how to humanely take down raccoons.

A pest removal company can definitely help you. If you see raccoons inside your attic, especially if they have pups, you must take precautions in handling them. If calling a professional pest removal service is too expensive for you, call your local wildlife and ask them how to proceed further.

Raccoons as Pets

Raccoons are not usually kept as pets since they have an unpredictable nature. They are also wild animals and they can scratch or bite you whenever they feel irritated. They also gnaw on wires, pee on furniture, and make your garbage cans upside down. That is why you need to get rid of them for the first opportunity that you see them.

Get rid of Raccoon Attractions in your Property

Raccoons will go into your property once they realize that food can be found inside. They will not only invite their entire family but their entire group as well. Female raccoons are known to give birth and raise their young in attics especially when it is cold outside. You should seal off entry points. Trim your bushes to see any possible entrances. Cut off tree branches since raccoons are good climbers, and cover your trash cans properly. There are a lot of ways to save yourself the headache of asking what to do with a trapped raccoon. Contact an expert today and ask for advice.

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