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Omaha Nebraska Raccoon Control Situation: Will a raccoon in the attic have a nest of babies?

Raccoons that nest in the attic, are those female raccoons that are in search of a safe spot for their offspring. In cold countries, raccoons give birth in the months of March and April. In countries with warm weather climates, they can give birth anytime throughout the year. The reason why raccoons would choose the attic is because it provides a safe haven away from other male raccoons. If male raccoons come across baby raccoons that are not theirs, they would kill them and mate with the mother to secure its bloodline. Attics act as a refuge for pregnant raccoons.

Female raccoons are very good mothers. They start mating with male raccoons once they attain the age of one while the males start when they turn two. Their littler can vary in size, from one baby to seven babies but the average racoon usually give birth to around three to five babies. Baby raccoons are both blind and deaf when they are born and for the first three weeks of their life. The mother racoon would nurse and take care of them, searching for food at night. Racoons usually leave their mother after 8 or 9 months, which by then, she would have taught them how to survive.

You can verify if there are babies in your attic. Wait until the mother has left and go sit in the attic quietly for some time. After a few minutes, you would hear the chatter of the babies. You can safely remove them in the absence of the mother, but there will be repercussions. Besides, it is very inhumane to take away baby raccoons that are nursing, from their mother. If the mother raccoon cannot find her babies, she would cause severe havoc and damage to your home. They are very intelligent creatures and their claws allow them to turn door knobs and open doors.

After the 9 months when all the babies leave, the mother may leave your attic as well. However, racoons are creatures of habit and even though racoons leave the mother, one in the litter may stay back in the attic and make it a home, or the mother may return to the same attic she gave birth in before and give birth to a new litter after the 2-month gestation period. They are strong animals and do not need a tree to climb unto your roof. They are exceptionally good at climbing and can climb up brick walls, smooth wooden surfaces and even the PVC piping on the side of your house.

Racoons are very strong and their paws are dexterous. They can break a hole in your roofing shingles and set up their home in your attic if they were determined to make it their home. If you do suspect that there are racoons in your attic, then be prepared because this may be permanent. Contact professionals who would guide and help you to get rid of them. Do not attempt to remove them yourselves unless you are totally prepared because racoons carry many diseases, deadly ones as well, and they would not be afraid to attack you.

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