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Fort Wayne Indiana Raccoon Control Situation: What is Raccoon Eviction Fluid?

Problems with raccoons are the most common complaints of many household owners. A female raccoon can seek shelter inside a house when it is their birthing period. They also sneak in chimneys and attics in order to raise their young.

Signs of Raccoon Invasion

If you hear plenty of scratching noises at night, there is a big chance that you have raccoons living in your attic. You might hear unknown crying noises that can come from baby raccoons. They also create loud thumping during nighttime.

Raccoons as Pests

Raccoons are wild animals. They are considered as pests because they can create damage to your property. They bite people when they feel threatened. They are smart and their bodies are strong. They have strong fingers, sharp teeth, and long claws. They can tear materials such as linen, books, wirings, and furniture that can be found in your attic. They use these materials to build their nests. They can tip your garbage cans, and steal your food. Raccoons can also transmit diseases such as rabies.

Ways of removing raccoons

Some ways of evicting raccoons from your attics or dens include trapping and live capture. There are people who use ammonia or mothballs in order to get rid of them. However, mothballs can be a dangerous method since pets and small children can inhale or swallow them accidentally. Many homeowners seek help from professionals if they are unsure of how to get rid of raccoons. However, capturing raccoons may lead to unnecessary injuries and it can cause the mother to abandon her babies. It can be expensive to hire a professional to remove the pests inside the house. Many homeowners seek other alternatives. If you are trying to chase them out, some of them can simply go back to their nests after a few days. Wildlife animals should be handled with care. This is because they have an unpredictable nature.

Raccoon Eviction Fluid

This is considered to be a hassle-free and a natural way of evicting a mother raccoon. This only works with female raccoons and their young. The formula for the fluid includes the urine and pheromones of male raccoons. It is the nature of male raccoons to kill the young that do not belong to them. If the female raccoon does not have any babies to take care of, she can go back to being in heat again. She will simply find a male raccoon for mating.

Application of the Fluid

The raccoon eviction fluid can be applied to tennis balls and rags. Afterward, you can put the rags into inaccessible areas like small holes in your attic. The female raccoon will smell the scent and they will think that a male raccoon is in the attic. The female raccoon will then feel threatened. She can move her pups or babies in another place. This is one of the most effective raccoon repellents on the market today. If you still have doubts, ask first for advice from professionals.

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