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Joliet Illinois Raccoon Control Situation: Do more raccoons live in urban areas or wild areas?

Raccoons are medium-sized and the largest animals in Procyonidae family. They are around 24-38 inches long and weigh up to 23 or more lbs. They have a very sharp memory and they can remember anything for up to 2-3 years. Earlier, raccoons were found mainly in the wild areas but now most of the population of raccoons is found in urban areas. Every year, their density increases in the cities. The reason is that they mainly feed on garbage and it is easily available in the city areas and thus, they prefer to live in urban areas than in wild areas.

There is another aspect behind this. Another reason why raccoons have started living in urban areas is that earlier these areas used to be their natural habitats which are now encroached. With the changing environment and other living conditions, they have adapted themselves to a different kind of life. Generally, they are found in areas where they can find a lot of food easily but sometimes they are even seen in those areas where food is not found in abundance. This proves that they can adapt themselves to any kind of situation and that's what makes their population high.

Raccoons can eat different kinds of food which include beetles, garden vegetables, walnuts, soybeans, corn, grapes, beetles, worms etc. They also like to eat small insects like grasshoppers. Along with this, they can also eat snakes, turtles but it's a very rare case. Their unique food taste also makes them different from other animals. In urban areas, they can be found mostly under the abandoned cars or houses where they can find a place to hide like backyard or garage.

For breeding, they choose very specific places which will be completely safe for their newborn babies. They are usually found in a group of 2-3 or they have a family or 2-5 members that live in an area but they don't usually roam around together. Their main motive is to look for food so it does not matter if they are in group or alone. They don't have that strong smelling sense. There is another thing that raccoon look for. They try to live around those areas where they can find water easily.

Even though their population is increasing but it's better to avoid them because their body sometimes carries deadly parasites which can cause harmful diseases to humans and can even result in death. Therefore, the more you will avoid them the better it will be for you and your family. The best, easiest and effective ways are by keeping your surroundings clean and keep all your doors and windows closed at night. They are most likely to visit at night so make sure that you clear the garbage cans or keep it covered so its smell cannot attract them. They don't usually attack humans; there are very rare cases when they have ever bitten humans and that's only when they feel they are in danger.

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