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Pembroke Pines Florida Raccoon Control Situation: What Should I do if I find an orphaned baby raccoon wandering about?

Many raccoons are abandoned and orphaned whenever it's summer or spring. The orphans are left alone inside attics or commercial spaces in suburban areas. Mother raccoons usually choose residential areas and attics because they are warm, hidden, and safe from predators. If you ever find a raccoon litter inside your attic, your main goal is to call a wildlife rescue center as soon as possible.

Finding abandoned baby raccoons can be a headache. Getting rid of raccoons or relocating them can be complicated since your state might have regulations that can prevent you from doing so. Here are some of the steps that you can take until you get a proper animal facility to take the raccoons from your care.

Signs that the Babies are Abandoned

You have to be very sure that the pups were left alone to fend for themselves. A mother raccoon can leave its nest to hunt for food. Usually, they come back after more than 24 hours. If you see that the pups are comfortable, well-fed and the area looks like a den, then you can be assured that they are not abandoned. If you found the babies in an open area, there is a higher chance that their mother has left them for good. Further action is needed. You can pour hot water into a container to serve as their source of heat for the meantime. If they appear agitated or unhealthy, then it is advisable to contact a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as possible.

You might not want to be in a hurry and relocate them. Their mother might just be out and may feel discouraged to seek them if the babies were touched by human hands.

Make a Shelter

If the babies are really abandoned, get a box that can serve as their temporary den. It should be cozy and warm. Place a lot of newspapers to keep the pups warm. Place the box in a dry, quiet, and dark place so that the pups won't feel agitated. The most suitable place for this is a garage or a basement. If evening comes, you can return the box to the original area where you found them. Make sure that the flap of the box is open. This way, the mother can find them easily. The mother raccoon will simply find a new den whenever she feels that the original place is not safe.

Don't feed the baby raccoons on the first day. There's a chance that the mother raccoon will hear their cries and will come back to get them. If morning comes and they are still untouched, you can feed them with a baby formula.

A long-term solution is very important for baby raccoons. If you seem them wandering in your kitchen or in any other place inside your house, do not try to get rid of them. There are a lot of wildlife resource professionals that are available in your directory or on the internet if you want to get rid of the baby raccoons.

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