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Toronto Canada Raccoon Control Situation: How To Keep Raccoons Out Of My Bird Feeder?

There are people who love to keep bird feeder in the garden or in their backyard. They think that it would add more beauty to their garden but what when you find it all in pieces and the seed on the ground. So, a raccoon has visited your backyard and the feeder. Keeping raccoons away from the bird feeder is a bit tricky. The best ways to keep them away are:

Use piping

To keep the raccoons away from the bird feeder, the eggs of the birds and the birds use plastic smooth piping. This is the best and the most humane way to keep those little destructive creature away from your birds home. Installing plastic piping will frustrate the raccoons and they would just give up destroying the feeder. And when you loosely wind it, the raccoons won't be able to hold a grip of it with their hand and feet and just fall down from it. That will not only scare them but they would just give up and leave.

Keep the feeder out of trees

This is very important if you want to keep them away from the feeder. Place the bird feeder way from the tree branches and the tree itself as the branches and the trees act like steps to the raccoons and they can reach the feeder and the food easily. Any structure that you think can be used by the raccoons to climb should be kept away from the feeder.

Confuse them, if you can't convince them

You can try to use a squirrel baffle if the tubing is not helping you in keeping the raccoons away. They are known for keeping those little squirrel away and as well as the raccoons. You can get the squirrel baffle in any garden or pet store and this too is also a very humane way to save the bird feeder from the animals especially raccoons.

Night moves

Raccoons are more likely to be active in the night or after sunset so you can take the bird feeder out and place it somewhere safe where those raccoons can't reach, and then put it back again in the morning if it's not much of a problem. You can place them in the store room or the garage and even the raccoons would give up after trying a few times and not getting anything in return.

Use of repellent

If you have tried all the above tricks and still failed then you can use the repellent available for the raccoons and the squirrels. You can spray it in the pole and as well as on the ground near the feeder.

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