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Rancho Cucamonga California Raccoon Control Situation: How do I clean raccoon feces out of my attic?

When you have just got rid of the raccoons out of the attic the next step is to get rid of the fecal matter. There is however right ways and wrong ways most people tend to ignore the fecal matter and not worry about it if they are not using the attic, and people fail to use the correct cleaning methods and products. The smell will not disappear from the attic it will soon start to send a smell through the house that is quite uncomfortable for people to live with not to mention very bad for your health.

When you are ready to clean be sure you are using the correct detergents. Look for a specific industrial cleaner that is made for animal fecal matter as it will help to eliminate the smell and have strong antibacterial agents. Sometimes the smell may linger so if you can open a window or place a fan to circulate some air and a second cleaning may need to be done. Depending what your flooring is boards and carpet will need to be replaced if the matter has seeped into the boards and carpet lining.

If you don't feel up to cleaning the attic yourself, you can hire a professional to inspect your attic and give you a sum up of what is contaminated and how bad the damage is. The damage will all depend on how long the raccoons have been there. If you get onto them quickly and their stay has been short you may only need to do some spot treatments. Unfortunately, if they have been there for a long period of time a more extensive clean and replace will need to be done.

If you choose to clean yourself, you need to take precautions and protect yourself. The fecal matter carries diseases that can be fatal if left untreated so its important to protect yourself with the following:

1. Disposable gloves
2. Rubber boots that can be washed or booties that cover shoes
3. Wear a mask to prevent ingesting airborne eggs
4. Avoid disturbing the droppings too much which will make them airborne
5. Clean clothes thoroughly or simply dispose of them
6. Wash your hands and body thoroughly

Removing the matter from your attic

1. Use a scoop and get it all at once to avoid moving it around too much
2. Remove any surrounding insulation
3. Place in a secure sealable bag or container
4. Remove carefully to avoid cross-contamination
5. Place in your bin for collection

It is recommended to use an industrial vacuum to suck out the infective and soiled insulation. This needs to be done via entry to the attic through the roof to avoid contaminating the house. Once all the contaminated material has been moved the attic will then be disinfected and then deodorized to help with the smell and new insulation is then put back in. Whether cleaning yourself or hiring a professional be sure proper protective wear is worn and any tools used or old materials needs to be properly removed to avoid cross contamination.

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