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Call us any time for raccoon removal and wildlife removal in the Oxnard area. I have spoken with the field technician in Oxnard and he fully understands California raccoons and their behavior, and the proper methods for humane removal. For me to recommend him, he has agreed to abide by rules of humane wildlife removal, all Ventura County and California wildlife laws, and have a thorough understanding of wildlife biology and the concerns associated with critter removal, such as the welfare of the animals, the presence of baby raccoons in the attic, and the need to perform complete wildlife removal services with permanent results, utilizing techniques such as home inspections, preventative repairs, and animal waste cleanup.

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Here is some additional information about our Oxnard wildlife removal and raccoon control services. We are based out of Oxnard, and service the entire area.

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Oxnard California Raccoon Control Situation: Raccoons are feisty little critters who are not shy to welcomes themselves to your house.

These house guests can be quite hard to get rid of and will dine on anything they can find like your pets' food, your prized gold fish and even your litter. The most effective way of keeping raccoons at bay is not to attract them with goodies in the first place. However, if they do unfortunately find their way to your home, you can trap them in cages and get rid of them as quickly as possible.

There are many traps available in the market. The size of the trap depends on the kind of creature you want to trap. Texas raccoons are normally bigger than other varieties, so you need special cages designed for them. Once you've decided on the size, you need to select from the wide variety of traps in store. There are generally three kinds of traps, those that can trap the raccoon's foot, others that can cage in the entire raccoon and more lethal ones that can kill off the raccoon completely.

However, there are laws against using lethal traps in some states, and these can be dangerous to handle yourself. It is always best to take advice from an expert and hire a professional for pest infestation. But if the problem is small, homemade traps might do the trick too. These can be easily made and are not heavy on the pocket. Always wear gloves when trying to catch raccoons because they could be carrying rabies. If your problem is a baby raccoon, you can simply catch it in a bucket and take it out. If you have a bigger raccoon to face, you need something more innovative. You can build homemade traps from cardboard and place the cage near entry points where raccoons can get in from. Ensure that the door of the box is large enough to allow the raccoon to crawl in but not too big to let it easily escape again. You can also make the trap from mesh wire so you can easily see inside it for any trapped raccoons. These traps are not only cheap but less lethal as compared to other options on the market.

The other kind of trap is the foot trap and can capture the paw of the raccoon if it mistakenly steps on it. These traps cannot be easily spotted by raccoons and can be put outside near the vegetable patch or fruit trees where raccoons are likely to visit. This trap, however effective is still lethal, so take caution. Cage traps on the other hand are not so useful because they are large and can easily be spotted by the raccoon from a distance. If you want to use them, you have to disguise them cleverly.

Body grip is the kind of trap that can kill a raccoon. It is usually used near holes that lead to the attic because that's where raccoons will normally hide. Body grips traps are lethal and are considered to be illegal. Many activists have protested against the use of these traps because it is inhumane to get rid of wildlife this way. These traps not only pose a danger to the animals but people too who are using it.

For any trap, you have to set a bait. Raccoons are specially attracted to sweet corn, fish, meat and veggies. Put the bait inside the cage so the raccoon can follow it. Place something heavy on the trap door so the raccoon is not able to get out. Once you've captured the animal, return it to a safe spot far away from your home so it doesn't return. This is a more humane way of getting rid of raccoons rather than killing them.

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